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General Eye Care

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From comprehensive eye exams to early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems, our goal is to protect your vision throughout your lifetime. But you also play a key part in helping to keep your eyes healthy and uninjured.

Below are some basic tips and advice on how to keep your eyes healthy and make sure that you will be seeing your best.

Avoiding Fireworks Injuries

Thousands of eye injuries occur from accidents with fireworks.

Contact Lenses and Cosmetics

Some tips to help you wear your contact lenses and cosmetics safely

Dangers of Laser Pointers

Laser pointers aimed into the eye can be cause damage.

Eyes and Ageing

Suggestions to help you understand age-related vision limitations.

Infant's Vision

There are many things that can  help your baby’s vision develop.

Low Vision

Several eye diseases may be responsible for low vision.


There are foods that contain vitamins which promote eye health.

Ocular First Aid

Here are some first aid suggestions for eye injuries.

Pre-School Vision

Watch for signs that may indicate a vision development problem

Protective Eyewear

Many injuries can be prevented through proper eye protection.

Regular Optometric Care

An important part of routine preventive health care.

School-age Vision

A child’s eyes are constantly in use in the classroom and at play.

Toys and Vision

Toys and activities can help a child’s vision skills develop.

Using Eyedrops and Ointments Correctly

Some general tips about correctly putting eyedrops in your eyes

Vision and Sports

Vision is an important partin how well you play your sport.

Your Eyes and UV Radiation

The sun’s life-giving rays can  also pose dangers to your eyes.